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As you enjoy the holiday season with your young loved ones, give them the chance to explore the holidays and cultures celebrated by their peers. Alongside the diverse heroes of Cardinal Rule Press’s award-winning stories, children learn how, and why, holidays from around the globe are celebrated.

Featuring not only a range of CRP’s popular children’s books, but also eight related activities perfect for little hands, the CRP 2022 Holiday Box provides hours and hours of fun, educational entertainment.

From Kwanzaa to Diwali, from Las Posadas to the Lantern Festival, little learners will hone their reading and critical thinking skills all while gaining an appreciation for cultural and religious differences.

The CRP Holiday Box satisfies both the child’s desire for play and interactivity, and your desire to broaden their mind.

Get your Holiday Box today and create a happy holiday for every member of the family!

The 2022 Holiday Box is available until December 13th


  • Children grades K-3
  • Any gender
  • Teaching empathy for others
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Keeping children entertained during Winter break

Parents have asked us to provide a great gift that educates and entertains children with age appropriate and diverse content. We created the HOLIDAY BOX JUST FOR YOU!


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Give a gift this holiday that teaches empathy. Research demonstrates an impressive correlation between students’ training and skills in empathetic understanding and an increase in their academic performance.