Group Coaching

The biggest complaint we hear from published authors now is the lack of education in marketing. You've spent countless hours writing and bringing your book to life. When will you find the time to learn how to market and implement strategies? 

The empty promises a marketing team and all that they will do to help make your book a bestseller are a problem we have a solution to. The overwhelming feeling of "no time" is also a problem we can help you solve. 

On the flip side, if you are a publisher looking to educate your authors and empower them to promote themselves, this is also a great solution for you!

Prior to working with Maria, I had made a number of false starts with my social media campaign, establishing my e-newsletter, and defining my on-line presence. I lacked direction and focus. Thanks to Maria's commitment to my success, I am making great headway on a clear execution plan. Maria Dismondy gave me the loving-yet-firm nudge I needed to prepare for my upcoming book launch and to take my business to the next level.

Are you interested in working with Maria to see how marketing for your books can be DIY PLUS get you amazing results? 

You will learn about the following: Personal Branding & Website Content, Create a Social Media Strategy, Learn about Fans & Influencers, Email Marketing, Design a Launch Campaign (or re-launch), the Importance of Networking, Public Speaking from A to Z and Publicity versus Marketing. Maria also incorporates the needs of group members into each session, making sure their personal class objectives are met. 

Maria offers Group Coaching only a select number of times per year. Here's what is included in your investment:

  • 6-weekly sessions from September-October
  • Meet via video chat (from your computer, no special software required) 
  • Maximize your platform to bring in revenue
  • Weekly assignments to help build your marketing campaign 
  • A clear plan on what you need to do, daily to sell more books
  • Goal setting 
  • Accountability and 24/7 access to the group in a private Facebook Group 
  • One-on-one strategy call with Maria  
  • One time price of $597 

Coaching with Maria gave me the tools I needed to build my brand and market my book with purpose and pride. She diligently provided detailed coaching each week and customized the sessions to make the experience personalized and practical. She is very passionate about helping others achieve and exceed their goals. The six weeks of sessions provided me with a broad range of knowledge about marketing, coaching, and book promotion. She is sincere and very supportive and I will miss coaching each week!

 We will start with a 15 minute fitting call to make sure the group is a good fit for you. I want to make sure I can get you value in your investment with this program!