Picture Book Drive

As protests across the country open our eyes to the unfair treatment of black communities in the 21st century, a conversation has been ignited in America about how to teach kids to fight racism from an early age. Cardinal Rule Press, a Southeast Michigan children's publisher of books that reflect modern day diversity, is hosting a Summer Book Drive. CRP’s mission is to create realistic fiction books that allow ALL children to see themselves within the pages of their stories. We believe in the power of books that help start these important conversations with children, in homes and schools.

CRP is partnering with a local organization to distribute these books to families affected by the devastating flood in Midland, Michigan. If you are interested in donating gently used picture books, please drop off the book at one of the locations below or contact Maria with questions at maria@cardinalrulepress.com

If you would like to purchase and donate new books, check out our diverse book suggestions here.

Donations will be accepted the week of August 16th with multiple drop offs in Michigan. See below for details.

Drop off #1 NOVI 1181 West Lake Drive 48377

Drop off #2 HOWELL 616 Pathway Drive 48843

Drop off #3 NORTHVILLE 250 Rayson 48167

Drop off #4 BEVERLY HILLS 32035 East Lady Drive 48025

Drop off #5 EAST GRAND RAPIDS 918 Orchard Ave. 49506

Thank you Mid Michigan Community Action for your partnership in distributing these book donations. Mid Michigan Community Action empowers individuals and families, strengthens communities and combats poverty by providing services, guidance, expertise and leadership.

Diverse Picture Books

Simple explanations and engaging artwork can be the best way to teach children about the world we live in. Picture books are a great conversation starter for introducing social justice topics regarding diversity, equity and inclusion to even the youngest of children. A picture book allows children to SEE and HEAR from characters different then themselves, and connects children with other races and cultures in a way that promotes kindness, empathy,  and equality. CRP will donate 100 diverse picture books in addition to the picture books collected.

Start the Conversation

Experts agree that families need to start conversations early about diversity and appropriate ways to deal with racism. By remaining age-appropriate and using the assistance of books, parents can find a great way to dive into these complex, important issues. If we can teach our children and future leaders to stand up for others and to treat ALL humans equally, we’re doing our part to help them develop love and kindness for others.

Black Lives Matter

Children need to understand that there are lots of different kinds of people and one way that we’re different is the color of our skin. It’s important to make sure that all people are treated fairly, and that’s why we, and lots of other people all over the country are part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

CRP has included books that teach EMPATHY in their donations. Empathy is a powerful social skill that will help impact our world with kindness.

We Care.

Books are a magical piece of childhood. They are also a critical component in a child's education and growth in literacy. Hearing that schools and homes have had their libraries destroyed by the flood has made us take action. We hope you will join us by cleaning out your own home library of books your family no longer reads to give back to those who have lost so much.

Sincerely, Maria Dismondy

Founder & CEO of Cardinal Rule Press

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